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Cancer vs. Marriage

When your partner becomes your patient, your entire relationship dynamic changes. Roles are redefined, the meaning of intimacy changes, and even the best communicators can struggle for words. Learn how to keep your marriage strong when "for better or worse" becomes a reality.

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Cancer vs. Parenting

The "healthy" parent is not only the caregiver, but also becomes the default parent. Learn strategies on talking about cancer to your kids, being a safe place for them to express their feelings, and learn to find childlike joy again in the unlikeliest of places. 

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Cancer vs. Friendship

Nothing changes your address book faster than a cancer diagnosis. While so many people show up for you, there are others for whom your situation is too much. Enduring the unexpected loss of close friendships while also cancer caregiving can feel like a gut punch. Learn how to adjust to your new reality and support system.

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Cancer vs. Career

Balancing cancer caregiving with work can feel impossible. Work sometimes feels like a welcome distraction, but other times feels like a burden we're unable to offload. Someone needs to earn a living and cover insurance, right? Learn how to balance, find work allies, communicate your needs, and avoid becoming stigmatized at work. 

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