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Welcome to "What Nobody Tells Us" Strategies & Coaching, where you'll find my expertise and experience is drawn from two distinct yet surprisingly interconnected worlds:

Marketing Executive & Cancer Caregiver.

As an award-winning global marketing executive and team leader I've navigated the complexities of advertising agency and corporate success with finesse, mastering strategic thinking, leadership, and resilience. Simultaneously, I've embraced the role of a devoted cancer caregiver to my husband and parent to our seven year-old daughter, honing qualities of empathy, adaptability, and strength in the face of adversity.

In both realms, I've discovered that the strengths required - from strategic planning and effective communication to empathy and resilience - are remarkably similar. My journey -- spanning 20+ years as an executive and 15+ years as a cancer caregiver -- has equipped me with invaluable insights and perspectives that transcend career and life boundaries, making me an exceptional strategic consultant and coach who has a holistic, first-hand understanding of the professional and personal things nobody tells us. Whether you're seeking guidance on a global marketing campaign, professional growth or navigating real-life challenges, I'm here to help you and your brand unlock its full potential and achieve meaningful success, wherever it's needed most.

Strategic Marketing & Coaching




Over 20+ years of award-winning strategy & marketing leadership has given me a deep and intuitive understanding of what works.

In other words, I get it and can help. Whether you need expert direction on business planning, marketing strategy, or creative execution, WNTU offers strategic guidance that your internal and partner teams will rally around, your audiences will love, and your Board will approve. 



My Career Coaching programs are tailored to individuals at every stage - from budding professionals to seasoned executives.

Whether you're just starting out, re-evaluating your path mid-career, or balancing people vs. profits in the C-suite, together we'll craft a personalized coaching experience that ensures you grow and succeed in a way that works with your unique strengths, style and career goals. 



My Caregiving Coaching programs offer support & guidance to those navigating the challenging journey of caring for a loved one.


My approach is uniquely tailored to address the multifaceted needs of caregivers, because I am one. Whether you're juggling medical appointments, work demands, or parenting duties, I provide personalized strategies, emotional support, and resources to help you navigate with resilience and grace.

What My Colleagues Say


Charlotte Bruner, Senior Vice President, Edelman

"When Christie joined Edelman as the head of our Integrated Brand team, she immediately set a new tone for the group - one that was inclusive and empathetic - and prioritized people over the work. By investing in every team member from junior staff to the leadership team, she has made people feel heard and celebrated. This has resulted not only in a more inspired team but better work and more revenue. As my day-to-day manager, she has coached me to be the best version of myself as a woman executive, team leader & client strategist. She makes me feel appreciated and valued every single day and helps me plan for both the short-term and long-term. On top of all this, Christie is a wicked smart marketer and gains the trust of her c-suite clients by presenting her POV with a confident yet approachable tone that makes clients feel at ease. She is a truly impressive leader and strategist- someone that I feel fortunate to work with and learn from."
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