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Listen, I get it. 


Starting a podcast can be an exciting prospect, but it's natural to feel nervous, especially if you're new to podcasting, are naturally introverted, or have little experience with public speaking. 


Anyone can pick up a microphone, start talking and see what happens. But if you want to really connect with and get the best out of your guests, there are some things you’ve got to know.  


I’m sharing the most valuable tips I’ve learned about being a confident and engaging podcast host. They’re based not only on my personal experiences hosting two podcasts; they’re also tips I’ve witnessed firsthand during Bryan’s (my hubs!) very successful podcast career, as he’s worked with and interviewed some of the greats. 

We’re a podcasting family, through and through!


Are you ready to seriously up podcast host game? Let’s get started!

The Secrets To Becoming A Great Podcast Host

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