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I'm an experienced Marketing Strategy Leader with Global expertise developing Integrated Marketing & innovative brand strategies. Sounds fancy, huh? What that really means is I love creating simple, awesome advertising campaigns that brands stand behind and audiences adore. I'm proud to say my contributions to Jaguar's "British Villains", Farmers Insurance's "We Are Farmers", Apple's "Get A Mac" and Lexus' "Why Live in One Dimension?" have been recognized with Global and Regional EFFIE, AME and Jay Chiat awards. Most recently, I'm Executive Vice President and Head of Brand for Edelman in Los Angeles; looking to have the same impact.

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be, "Trusted Leader & Advocate." Okay, that's technically four. As a GM, I've managed whole offices through their professional/personal ups and downs. As a Strategy Executive, I've mentored strategic newbies into experienced rock stars. As employee #23 of a start-up, I've advised C-suites as we transitioned a four-office, 200-employee start-up into a 19-office, 1000+ employee Global organization for Jaguar Land Rover. 


For fun, I host the "Commercial Grade" advertising podcast and also host an  eponymous segment on the Adam Carolla Show, during which Adam and I discuss (read: debate) the merits of advertising campaigns (links below). 


Personally, I'm surrounded by the love and support of my husband, Bryan, and our amazing two-year old daughter, Tessa. As most West LA toddler parents do, we spend our time strolling Century City mall, visiting restaurants for <45 mins, and watching Moana on repeat. Whether parenting my daughter or coaching my colleagues, my philosophy is the same, per Steve Jobs: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." So find your passion, hold on tight and enjoy every minute of the ride. Life is too short to do anything less.


Want to hear more? Let's get in touch.

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