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What Nobody Tells Us' mission is to shed light on the unspoken truths

that shape our clients' internal and external marketing landscape; 

then use them as fodder for work that gets results.


We strive to empower our clients by daring to explore the uncomfortable realities and untold stories that lie beneath the surface, unlocking insights that fuel authentic connections, resonant messaging, and sustainable growth in today's dynamic marketplace.

Our experience spans the entire marketing cycle -- from product R&D to brand and business strategic planning to creative development -- gained from experience on both the corporate and agency sides. This unique perspective allows us to provide invaluable context and recommendations, guiding decision-making no matter where you may be in the process. 

Ready to embark on a journey of discovery and connection? Let's collaborate to uncover the hidden truths that will not only elevate your brand but also deepen your connections with your audience, one human interaction at a time.

Here are just some of our favorite brands we've worked with to develop award-winning creative campaigns, from Super Bowl campaigns,

global brand campaigns, to regional and local efforts. Let's add yours to the list!

Fave Clients

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Strategic Marketing Expertise


Strategic Planning

We work closely with clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with their business goals and objectives. Our strategic planning process involves thorough analysis, market research, and goal-setting to lay a solid foundation for success.


Business & Marketing Planning 

We understand that marketing cannot exist in a vacuum. Our consulting services include aligning marketing strategies with broader business objectives, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact.


Brand Management

Building a strong brand requires ongoing management and nurturing. We provide guidance and support to ensure brand consistency, reputation management, and positive brand experiences across all touchpoints.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

We help clients define and refine their brand identity, positioning, and messaging to differentiate themselves in the market and resonate with their target audience. From brand personality to visual identity, we ensure consistency and impact across all touchpoints.


Integrated Marketing Strategy

From digital to traditional channels, we craft tailored marketing strategies that leverage the most effective tactics to reach and connect with target audiences. Our data-driven approach ensures optimal resource allocation and ROI.


Campaign Evaluation

Our commitment to continuous improvement extends beyond strategy development. We monitor campaign performance, analyze results, and identify areas for optimization to maximize effectiveness and drive better outcomes.

What My Colleagues Say


Charlotte Bruner, Senior Vice President, Edelman

"When Christie joined Edelman as the head of our Integrated Brand team, she immediately set a new tone for the group - one that was inclusive and empathetic - and prioritized people over the work. By investing in every team member from junior staff to the leadership team, she has made people feel heard and celebrated. This has resulted not only in a more inspired team but better work and more revenue. As my day-to-day manager, she has coached me to be the best version of myself as a woman executive, team leader & client strategist. She makes me feel appreciated and valued every single day and helps me plan for both the short-term and long-term. On top of all this, Christie is a wicked smart marketer and gains the trust of her c-suite clients by presenting her POV with a confident yet approachable tone that makes clients feel at ease. She is a truly impressive leader and strategist- someone that I feel fortunate to work with and learn from."
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